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On April 24th, a FHAct50 Building Opportunity Fund Open House was held to give developers an opportunity to showcase each of the five potential projects to Franklinton residents.  Following a brief presentation, residents were encouraged to visit each developer station to understand each proposal in greater detail.  Comment cards were provided to residents allowing them to provide unfiltered, and anonymous feedback to each developer.  All comments were sent to each development team following the event.  Both OHFA, and the City of Columbus Housing Division expect each developer to be responsive to reasonable concerns raised by Franklinton residents. 
Below, find developer responses submitted to date:



79, 83 and 85 McDowell St

Columbus, OH 43215;

# 010-013943 & 010-005307

How will safety be addressed? Will there be cameras, security, neighborhood watch?

Safety is always an important concern with Homeport and our residents. We plan to implement a security system including cameras and an access control type system to allow residents and management company to feel secure 24 hours / 7 days per week. We would also be willing to work with the neighborhood to partcipate in a neighborhood watch service to futher enhance the environment of safety for our residents and the surrounding community.

Comments include: demolition of church, is the building being constructed on a zero lot line, site provides the least progress westward where development has not started, preference to see the money spent in West Franklinton, could this project be built on a vacant lot vs. the church lot, and could Homeport partner with community stakeholders in the area west of Rte. 315 (Mt. Carmel, Lower Lights).

Since Homeport has begun work on this project with our partner Kaufman Development, we have sought ways to look at preserving components of the church. We have engaged two contractors to investigate the building to help us determine options and costs associated with those options. Unfortunately, the church building is in dire condition and the costs to repair is prohibitively significant. Structural concerns along with environmental cleanup of asbestos and lead paint are primary contributions to these high costs. We are currently working with a historical resources consulting firm to help guide us through the Section 106 Process. We have also reached out to the Columbus Landmarks and other community stakeholders to develop options that may preserve and/or document the existing church building accordingly. Due to the limited lot size in a dense urban setting, McDowell Place takes advantage of maximizing lot coverage in order to provide a project with the largest number of units in the most cost-efficient manner during a critical time where quality affordable housing is becoming more scarce. This allows us to position the project to make the most impact in sustaining and preserving affordability for the Franklinton Community. The shared parking garage within Kaufman Development's Gravity II project also contributes to making maximum use of the site. As a developer, we feel this is an ideal location in a neighborhood that is beginning to experience substantial revitalization efforts. As part of our partnership with Kaufman, McDowell Place will be a key component to ensuring the development is a diverse mixed-income project. McDowell Place will provide our residents with opportunity, share in Gravity II amenities, and assist in preserving an affordable option for the East Franklinton neighborhood. If awarded, Homeport will also continue to make efforts in developing partnerships with local stakeholders for the Franklinton neighborhood as a whole. Homeport provides service enriched housing to our residents including professional service coordination by licensed and trained social workers. In support of the residents of McDowell Place, Homeport will develop a service coordination plan that will include agreements with local and regional service providers such as those mentioned by residents and other partners to enhance and improve our residents' housing stability and quality of life.

A comment was made that the area we were developing the project was a desirable area.

We agree. This will not only be a benefit to this site in East Franklinton, but also to the Franklinton neighborhood as a whole.

How will the residents easily integrate with the surrounding community? There is also a concern that maintaining affordable housing in the long-term should be a priorty.

Residents of McDowell Place, will have the opportunity to access all public and private amenities that are open to residents of Gravity II. In addition to having access to amenities of Gravity II, our residents will have access to services provided by Homeport along with other services that are available through our supportive service partners. With such a proximity to downtown businesses, the location of McDowell Place is ideal for individuals and families requiring access to nearby public transportation. In a neighborhood that is currently starting to transition into a local destination for housing, restaurants, shopping, local businesses, etc., McDowell Place will at the minimum preserve long-term affordability for 30+ years. Homeport is a long term owner of projects and is committed to continuing affordability even after program required timelines.

Has there been any plans to provide solar or other renewable energy into the project? Some also feel that this project would be an important way to begin implementing mixed income housing east of 315.

Currently, there has not been any discussion as to whether this project would be suitable to accomodate renewable energy infrastructure. However, McDowell Place will be positioned to achieve a LEED or Enterprise Green Communities Certification. As part of either green certification program, there is an option to incorporate elements of solar power. This is something that we are willing to explore with our partner Kaufman, to determine the viability, economics, and overall analysis on whether solar could be incorporated into the project. We also feel the location of McDowell Place and our partnership with Kaufman and the Gravity II project will be an excellent way to introduce a mixed-income project in the East Franklinton neighborhood.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to present our project, McDowell Place, to the East Franklinton community last month. Below are the responses to the comments and questions we received after our presentation on April 24th, 2019.

Thank you again for providing Homeport with this opportunity. We certainly look forward to hearing more details and follow-up on the review process. If there is anything further we can provide, please let me know.

Franklinton Scattered Site I

The Finance Fund


719 - 731 W. Rich St., Columbus, Ohio 43222
Parcel IDs: 010-005848, 010-062243, 010-250016, 010-051620

Great Job by Great Organization 5/7/2019


Great location, close to East Franklinton

Agreed. This will activate a parcel that has been historically underdeveloped.

Appreciate locations of sites

Tired to mix parts of community together - borth north and south of Broad

Good use of empty land


Concerned about distance from amenities (especially food)

Within walking distance to Tommy's, Grandma's and Josie's pizza shops, and the East Franklinton bars/restaurants Other nearby amenities (on West Town St.) are: Mt. Carmel, Gladden Community House, and the library

Partnership with Mount Carmel appears critical

Agreed. They are supportive with both parking and services

Will help bridge the east/west gap

That is one of the goals - in furtherance of the Mayor's stated vision

Architecturally matches Franklinton's foundation

Agreed. Attempted to create a residential look/feel

What assurances are offered that the properties will be maintained aesthetically 10+ years down the road?

The amount of private investment and the risk of underperforming assets will be financial incentives; additionally, large reserve funds will be in place for capital replacements

Single family homes in mix of apartments

To create a continuum of housing options

Good emphasis on senior living with a growing elderly population

This is our project with National Church Residences - a separate development from this location

Seems to serve a diverse population in Franklinton

Agreed. With a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units and services, we can assist individuals, families and even seniors.

Maintaining affordable housing long-term should be a priority

Agreed. These will be affordable for at least 30 years.

Holistic plan for residents is a must and is much-appreciated

Agreed. We have many great service providers at the table.

Renewable energy should be included

At minimum we will be energy efficient. To the extent possible we will look at alternative energy sources from the geothermal and solar; however, we may not have the capital needed for those investments.

Sounds like the developer really cares about the community

We do and are investing throughout the community in projects that will help the community into the future.

Only group that disclosed pricing

We believe those prices are attainable

Love the project and partnership


Rent costs appear to be low and very affordable

We are trying to provide truly affordable housing - rents at these levels would be that.

Sounds like a solid plan with the community's best interests in mind

As a nonprofit with a community development focus, we believe this is a solid development for the long-term

This is the best one


I trust the investments of Finance Fund partners in the neighborhood


Thank you for the opportunity to continue to move forward with our application for this FHAct50 project in Franklinton. To supplement the information previously provided, here are the responses to the comments received from Kerry Reeds from either the presentation or the website:

We believe these comments do reflect the quality and character of this proposal and the intentions and investment incentives of Finance Fund and its partners.

If there are any further comments, questions, or concerns, including any that we may have missed, we would be happy to address those as well.

Thank you again. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Franklinton Family LLC 

NRP Group and FUEL


Vacant Land on Souder/Hartford Avenue (010-034875) and Land Bank sites 87 Rodgers, 108 Rodgers, 91 Rodgers, 84-86 Rodgers, 114 Rodgers, 29-31 Rodgers, 57-59 Rodgers, 74 Meek, 103 Meek, 118 Meek, 92-94 Meek, 69 Jones, 73-75 Jones;

Franklinton Senior Housing I

National Church Residences
Finance Fund

Model Group



1137 W. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215; # 010-121008


The Neighborhood Design Center


1445 Summit Street

Columbus, OH 43202


Tel: 614-221-5001

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