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Franklinton Family LLC 

NRP Group and FUEL

The project is located in West Franklinton on the Mount Carmel Hospital site which is relocating and is proposed to consist of one 42 unit building and 13 single family homes (lease to own option) on scattered sites.  Supportive services will be provided by NRP Management.


Amenities on-site will include bike racks, community space with computer center, fitness center, recycling, restricted access with security cameras and supportive services.  The site is proximate to bus stops and amenities.  Each unit will have a dishwasher.

Project Contact:

Aaron Pechota, Senior Vice President of Development

1228 Euclid Ave. 4th Floor, Cleveland, OH 44115



Vacant Land on Souder/Hartford Avenue (010-034875) and Land Bank sites 87 Rodgers, 108 Rodgers, 91 Rodgers, 84-86 Rodgers, 114 Rodgers, 29-31 Rodgers, 57-59 Rodgers, 74 Meek, 103 Meek, 118 Meek, 92-94 Meek, 69 Jones, 73-75 Jones;

Project Type

New Construction Family, Supportive Services,


Number of Units

New Construction of 42 units (One, Two and Three-Bedroom Units), 13 Single Family Homes (Four-Bedroom Units)


Population Served

Family workforce housing


City Funding Request

$400,000 HOME

$989,945 LIHTC

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McDowell Place


The project is located in East Franklinton at the site of a church currently owned by the Land Bank and is proposed as a four story building.  The project is being developed in conjunction with Gravity II and Kaufman Development.  The Gravity II project will share parking and amenities with Mc Dowell Place.  Supportive services will be provided by Homeport and other area service providers.  The project may utilize income averaging to serve households from 30%-80% AMI.


Amenities include playground or green space with seating, bike rack, community room, exercise room, garbage disposals, dishwashers, restricted access, security cameras at all entrances, fire extinguishers and on site management.


Project Contact

Leah Evans

3443 Agler Road, Suite 200 Columbus, OH 43229



79, 83 and 85 McDowell St

Columbus, OH 43215;

# 010-013943 & 010-005307


Project Type

New Construction Family, With Family Supportive Services

Number of Units

New Construction of 50 units, One (1) four story building –12 One-Bedroom, 33 Two- Bedroom units and 5 Three Bedroom units


Population Served



City Funding Request:

$300,000 HOME

$900,000 LIHTC


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Franklinton Scattered Site I

The Finance Fund, Model Group, National Church Residences and Homeport

Project Contact

Jeffrey Mohrman, Esq.
Vice President, Real Estate Development
175 S. Third St., Suite 1200
Columbus, OH 43215
614-568-5045  \

Finance Fund – Lead Developer and Co-Owner
Model Group – Co-Developer and Co-Owner
In Collaboration with National Church Residences and Homeport

Project Type

New Construction Multi-Family
New Construction Single Family
Coordinated Supportive Services

Multi-Family Building (W. Rich Street)
56,576 Square Feet, Three-Story Walk-Up
42 Units with 42 parking spaces on-site
13 – 1-Bedroom units (approximately 660 sq. ft.)
29 – 2-Bedroom units (approximately 900 sq. ft.)


Single Family Units (Hayden Avenue)
10 Three-Bedroom, accessible units (approximately 1250 sq. ft.)

The projected amenities will include restricted access, security cameras, bike racks, community space, picnic area, recycling, ceiling fans in bedrooms, fire extinguishers, exercise equipment/space, and funded supportive services. Additionally, the site is proximate to bus stops, will have access to parking on Mt. Carmel West parking, and is close to many other amenities. 

Population Served


Funding Request

$400,000 HOME
$954,000 LIHTC

Multi-Family Site:
719 - 731 W. Rich St., Columbus, Ohio 43222
Parcel IDs: 010-005848, 010-062243, 010-250016, 010-051620

Single Family Land Bank Sites:
69 Hayden Ave.
75-79 Hayden Ave.
112 Hayden Ave.
124 Hayden Ave.
134 Hayden Ave.
149-151 Hayden Ave.
159 Hayden Ave.
161 Hayden Ave.
165 Hayden Ave.
185 Hayden Ave.

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Franklinton Senior Housing I

National Church Residences, Finance Fund, Model Group and


Amy J. Rosenthal
National Church Residences
2245 North Bank Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43220

Jeffrey Mohrman

Finance Fund

175 S. Third St., Suite 1200

Columbus, OH 43215


Project Type

New Construction Senior, Supportive Services

Number of Units

New Construction of 60 units, One (1) building –50 One-Bedroom, 10 Two-Bedroom units


- Green Space with Patio/Deck
- Bike Racks
- Community Room
- Exercise Room
- Recycling
- Ceiling Fans/lights in Each Bedroom

- Restricted Access
- Security Cameras at all entrances
- Fire Extinguishers
- On Site Management

Population Served



1137 W. Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215; # 010-121008

City Funding Request

$400,000 HOME
$1,000,000 LIHTC

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The Neighborhood Design Center


1445 Summit Street

Columbus, OH 43202


Tel: 614-221-5001

Fax: 614-221-5614

Homeport Gravity EFRB Drawing Submission